The 7 Diner Food Challenges!

Fancy yourself as a winner?! Take part in one of our challenges and prove it. If you win, we pay for your food and you get to brag to all of your mates. Before you take part you’ll need to sign a disclaimer, proving that you are crazy enough to take part!

*We will pay for the price of the food in the challenge.


30 minutes to wolf down 2 feet of homemade Cumberland sausage in a baguette covered with chilli, cheese and onion strings served with a pound of fries and a shake. Complete the challenge and the meal is on us but if you fail its £24.95.


Double Wings served in our 7 deadly special hot sauce. Finish within 7 minutes with a 2 minute after burn and they are on us, but if you fail it’s £14.95.


45 minutes to devour a 40oz burger smothered in cheese, bacon, bbq beans and onion strings with fries, coleslaw & a milkshake. Complete your challenge and the meal is on us. If you fail it’s £29.95!


30 minutes to polish off 7 Homemade Waffles covered in strawberry and chocolate sauce, topped with 7 different flavour scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, wafers and a cherry. Complete the challenge and the waffles are on us but if you fail its £24.95